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Horse, Rider, & Handler Safety Tip: Always check your towing vehicle and trailer before loading your horse. You wouldn't get on an airplane without knowing it had been thoroughly checked and was safe to fly, why would you load your horse and drive down the road without knowing everything was in working order?

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Sherry and Bruce Busch are the owners of Risk Out West and have a diverse background in Marketing, Public Relations, Managing Multiple projects, and Businesses. We have owned several of our own businesses. In 1991 we began Bison Adventure Wear, a small outdoor Clothing Manufacturing Company, that took on many shapes and is still in existence, but in a very different form, Equestrian Equipment Repair. We own commercial and residential real estate and a Laundromat. Our commercial property was bought when we were looking for a location to move our Manufacturing Company from our home. In the 1970's Sherry was a professional Roller Skater, traveling and teaching over 2 states.

Sherry's background includes: Paralegal work in Criminal, Family Law, & Personal Injury. She has an extensive background in medicine as a Registered Respiratory Therapist on a High Risk Transport Team, therefore lending extensive knowledge toward Medical Malpractice. Public Relations Assistant at U.S. Weightlifting Federation and the Colorado State Games. She was the Public Relations Director for the Colorado State Games, Colorado Springs National Ski Patrol Ski Swap, Marketing Director for U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships, and Marketing Director for National Events for the U.S. Taekwondo Federation.

While working for the U.S. Taekwondo Federation, U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships, and the Colorado State Games she planned VIP parties, Board of Directors meetings, luncheons and Press Conferences and athlete interviews.

Bruce's background as a Production Engineer includes: Working with various Department Heads to identify and prioritize all the various tasks to complete the project. His other duties included: Daily management of production line, future planning of various electronic instrumentation and managing multiple projects with varying deadlines.

Bruce worked with departments heads such as: Marketing, Purchasing, Management, and Manufacturing to meet customer needs in the United States and other countries. 


Clients have included: 

Gart Bros.

Olympia Sports

Early Winters Catalog

Indiana University

Colorado State University


Equestrian Facilities - We have over 1200 active clients that include a great deal of small and large barns

The following are a few of our clients:

Crooked Willow

Plum Creek Hollow

Wood Run


Arapahoe Riding Center

Cottonwood Riding Club

Palmer Divide Ranch

6 K Ranch

Sun Prairie Stables

Agrodat Farms

Team Troxler

Karen Stone







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