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Horse, Rider, & Handler Safety Tip: Always check your towing vehicle and trailer before loading your horse. You wouldn't get on an airplane without knowing it had been thoroughly checked and was safe to fly, why would you load your horse and drive down the road without knowing everything was in working order?

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    When you decide to board your horse you need to consider does the facility need to be close to home or work. Are you training with someone, if so, are you going to board at their facility or somewhere else. If you are boarding where your trainer is located it saves you a lot of time, which can add up to be a cost savings. If you board somewhere else how far away can you afford to be? How much time will it take to get there and you have to add into the equation getting your rig hooked up and getting down the road. When my daughter was through with show season and we were contemplating bringing her horse home. We took into account gas and time and the cost of weekly lessons and haul in fees. We figured it didn't cost much more to leave him in full training and boarded. We were only going to save about a few hundred dollars a month and knowing my daughter and school requirements, I knew the horse wouldn't get worked as hard.

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