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Horse, Rider, & Handler Safety Tip: Always check your towing vehicle and trailer before loading your horse. You wouldn't get on an airplane without knowing it had been thoroughly checked and was safe to fly, why would you load your horse and drive down the road without knowing everything was in working order?

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Bruce and Sherry have been in the Blanket Washing and Repair business since 1995. They own and operate a Laundromat in Colorado Springs and have clients up and down the Front Range. Their clients range from horses kept at home facilities to barns that board over 200 horses. They have a proven track record not only as business people but as horse owners. They have had an Outdoor clothing manufacturing Company and have many suppliers of the materials to match & repair your blankets. Their Laundromat has large front load washers that double rinse your blanket leaving it soap free and help it maintain its waterproofing properties. All Blankets are air-dryed.

We can pick up at your facility with a minimum of 2 or more items at (Pickup Fees for less than 10 items). When we pick up at your location just tell us where to pick up in your barn and have everyone's items tagged with their name, address, and phone number and we will bill that person directly. Our normal days for pickup and drop-off is Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will pickup the items one week and return them the next week.

Blanket Repair Tags in Adobe Acrobat. 

We strive on running a very low key operation. 

Now accepting Credit Card Payments thru Paypal - Contact us for the details.


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